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Nails Enhancement Services

Full Set Reg Color

Full Set With Gel Color

Full Set Powder Color

Full Set Ombré Powders

Full Set Pink and White

Full Set White Tip

Fill With Gel

Extra Length & Different Shape

Pedicure Menu

1. Classic Pedicure

Nails trimming and shaping, meticulous cuticles care, light heel buff, and light massage

2. Deluxe Pedicure

Classic Pedi + Sugar scrub, oranges scrub to exfoliate dried skin, hot towel

3. Signature Pedicure

Feel your skin smoother, muscle relaxation and increased blood flow Classic pedicure + sea salt, moisture tour skin with mask and With our paraffin

4. Pedi in Wild Box

Pampere yourself with our the wild box there you choose the sea salt Sugar scrub, mask, box lotion massage, oranges, and paraffin Available (green tea, fresh ocean)

5. Wild Nails Volcano Pedicure

Bubbing + fizzing organic 5 steps treatment

A new luxury spa that will leave your feet feeling hydrated and moisturized. Detox, volcano, and activities combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying Experience with a fun bubble volcano explosion.

Treatment comes with a sugar scrub, oranged, mask, paraffin, collagen, and hot stone

* Gel polish addition

* Callus

* Paraffin

Eyelash Extension

Full Set Individual

Touch-up Individual

Eyelash Group

Touch-up Group

Manicure Services

Classic Manicure

Manicure With Gel

Gel Color Change

Children Service

Classic Manicure

Classic Pedicure

Manicure With Gel

Gel Color Change

Dipping Powder Service

Dipping Powder Over Natural Nails

Dipping Powder With Gel Color

Dipping Powder With Extension Tips

Dipping Powder Ombré

Additional Services

French Tip

Buffed Shine

Acrylic Nail Removal

Nails Repair-Each

Extra Massage-10 minutes

Easy Design-2 Fingers

Cat Eye Design

Chrome Design

Oranges Treatment


Sugar Scrub